10 famous PHP framework for programmers

PHP is now known as one of the most popular server-side programming languages ​​in the world. Well-known programmers love to use PHP frameworks because they help accelerate product development, easily providing you with good reusable code structure. Avoid giving users concerns about security levels.Promote web development like object-oriented programming tools. The following are 10 PHP frameworks used for most popular PHP programming .

10 famous PHP framework for programmers

1. Laravel

PHP programming

Released in 2011, Laravel helps you deploy applications more quickly. Laravel provides video tutorials on its site called Laracasts. Its basic features include: allowing users to integrate Blade Templating Engine – this is a templating framework similar to the way the Smart Templating Engine works. Through the use of custom tags and functions for better code separation. Besides, it also contains another local development environment called Homestead. This is considered a Vgrant box.

2. Symfony

PHP programming

The framework is often used in large, suitable projects when working on teamwork. Examples are administering Drupal content or software for phpBB forums. Symfony framework currently has an extremely large and enthusiastic community in Vietnam. It is currently being evaluated as one of the best PHP frameworks today.

Symfony contains many libraries that allow you to complete various tasks easily. For example, authentication, template making, form creation, etc. Symfony has the ability to help you limit your code time to the lowest possible level.

3. CodeIgniter

PHP programming

The outstanding feature is compact, still runs smoothly despite being launched in 2006. The installation process is simple and usually does not require high configuration. A great way to help you save costs.This is a framework that can run on many types of hosting without high configuration requirements. You will also avoid the trouble of having conflicts between PHP programming versions with CodeIgniter

You have to use Controller classes but for Models and Views you have the right to use it to choose your own name. Besides, CodeIgniter framework is extremely suitable for the operation of Smarty Templating Engine.

4. Yii 2

PHP programming

PHP framework suitable for use in projects. You will feel your website is loaded faster when using other frameworks. Besides the accompanying utilities, update, create and read (CRUD).

Yii2 is a model for object-oriented programming. So it supports your code a lot more logically and neatly.

You can easily integrate jQuery libraries . A great framework for PHP programmers.

5. Phalcon

PHP programming

Launched in 2012 and fast to gain a foothold in PHP frameworks. Speed ​​of code execution is very fast due to programming in C and C ++ . If you don’t learn C language, you can still use it easily because it has been built into PHP classes, so you can easily use it at any time. Besides the acceleration function, it also helps to reduce resources and many interesting features such as security, translation, caching.

6. CakePHP

PHP programming

Appeared in 2005 but still being used in a very popular way. CakePHP is always updated and upgraded on a regular basis. The latest version is 3.3 to enhance the management, improve the speed of modules and especially increase the ability to create independent libraries.

Sites like BMW, Hyundai and Expres use CakePHP when designing websites . This framework has extremely high security when integrated with SQL ejection, XSS prevention, CSRF protection …

7. Zend Framework

PHP programming

Is an open source and extremely stable. Zend Framework is extremely complicated for you to learn or have no background about MVC. It is seldom used in small projects but is a great framework for large projects with high complexity.

As a major partner of IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Adobe. Zend currently supports interesting features such as a drag-and-drop editor, front-end programming support, online debugging capabilities. Created by Agile method , Zend Framework is capable of providing the most quality applications for consumers.

8. Slim

PHP programming

Is a micro framework capable of providing everything you need. Slim has a minimalist design that is suitable for small applications

Slim is used by PHP programmers to create RESTful APIs and services. Other features include: HTTP client-side caching, encryption and cookies. Slim is quite easy to understand and easy to use for sure you should experience.

9. FuelPHP

PHP programming

As a framework with fat source code is provided in a free and flexible way. Direct support for MVC and integration of some other optional layers called Presenter makes the View and Controller always logical.

FuelPHP has an extended module that increases security for the website thanks to URI filtering and early coding capabilities.

10. PHPixie

PHP programming

Launched in 2012 is a completely new open source framework. PHPixie was created to increase productivity for read-only websites. Designed with HMVC model, you can search documents and instructions through the official website.

Some features of PHPixie include: input validation, caching, standard ORM. It also allows you to use languages ​​like HAML markup.